What We Do

DotPeak offers numerous services for clients in the UK and globally.

We believe that every client is unique therefore we do not provide same solution to every business.
Our services are purely based on your needs and can be tailored to suit start-ups, as well as established organisations.


DotPeak Services

Website Design
DotPeak is primarily engaged as a website design service provider. Whether you require a web design...
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Web Development
For us at DotPeak website development is not just writing programming code. Instead...
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DotPeak CMS


DotPeak provides an easy and simple way to manage your contents using our inhouse...
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We believe that every eCommerce website has different requirements and that is why...
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DotPeak SEO solution takes your website to top of the list in search engines...
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Web Hosting
We provide website hosting service in partnership with HostBay. Our hosting...
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Print Media
Our creative team has expertise in different areas of creative work including design for...
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Branding is creating a recognisable image for your business using different tools, e.g. logos, pictures....
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Online Marketing
Nowadays a website without proper marketing can not reach to all potential customers...
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Website Maintenance
If your website needs frequent updates and image alterations. But you do not want to spend a lot of...
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Training Courses
We teach what we preach! Some of the top courses include web design and graphic design training...
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