Learn Objective-C Programming

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Objective c course overview

Objective C is the primary programming language required for creating iPhone and iPad applications. This course is designed for absolute beginners of Objective C.

Learn from Objective C Developers

This course will be offered by our iPhone app developers who have been have been programming professional iPhone application. Those consultants write and teach our iPhone training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

Requirements for Objective C Course

There are two main requirements for this course. You would need to bring your Mac laptop running Snow Leopard and you should have basic experience with object-oriented languages such as Java, PHP, C# or ASP.net.
This course is not suitable for delegates with no programming experience. If you have no previous experience of Object Oriented Programming then you can take few other courses to learn Object Oriented Programming. If you would like to first get some object oriented programming experience, we offer PHP course and ASP.net training courses. Please contact us to discuss this pre-requisite.


Objective-C Introduction course

Objective-C Basics

Programming language core elements

Core concepts of Object Oriented Programming

Objective-C Classes

Custom Classes

Objective-C Synthetized Getter/Setter Functions

Objective-C Class Objects & Polymorphism

Objective-C Exceptions

Objective-C Categories & Protocols

Cocoa Basics

Cocoa Strings

Cocoa Containers & Collections

Cocoa File Management

Cocoa Memory Management

Cocoa Archiving

Debugging and testing

Project in Objective-C

Project 1 - Build a project using Objective-C: